Why you must undergo regular eye exams in Calgary

When an eye doctor examines your eyes, he or she can easily tell if you are dealing with an eye disease, any vision related issues or any other eye health problems. That’s why you must undergo regular eye exams in Calgary, even if you believe there is nothing wrong with your vision or eyes. It is crucial that you undergo a thorough eye exam, not only a visual screening test. After reading this article, you will be able to comprehend what an eye exam really is and what it includes.

Children should have their eyes checked on a regular basis to ensure their vision health is undergoing normal changes, and to ensure they do not face any trouble in their academics. Due to immature development of their eyes, children often need low range reading glasses, so that they can read with comfort and ease. Adults also require regular eye check-ups to stay updated on their vision health and to avoid vision loss. It is also necessary to identify eye diseases in their early stages.

Vision screening is generally a simple eye exam that is performed by volunteers, a healthcare provider, a school nurse or any other concerned individual. Based on the experience and skills of the individual conducting the test, they will often look for issues like blurring and muscle coordination. In case they are knowledgeable, they may also be able to identify certain eye diseases.

A comprehensive and thorough eye exam is conducted by an eye doctor that will inspect your eyes in all major aspects. Once he or she has the final results, he or she will discuss the available solutions with you. Make sure to keep in mind that your regular health practitioner is not qualified to conduct comprehensive eye exams in Calgary.

When the optometrist is done with the eye exam, he or she will tell you what you need. The solution he or she suggests may include a prescription for progressive lenses or eyeglasses, a kind of medical treatment or he or she may simply tell you when you need to have your eyes checked. He or she can also recommend vitamins and foods that can help improve your eye health.

If you intend to opt for contact lenses, let your eye doctor know about it before he or she begins the exam. He or she may conduct special tests that they would not usually do for someone who will be wearing glasses.

Finally, the eye doctor will measure the progressive lenses, in order to ensure that they fit your eyes perfectly. If the lens does not fit properly, it may cause damage to your eyes.

A thorough eye exam is an important step in maintaining good oral health. Make sure to adhere to the instructions of your eye doctor and determine when you must undergo your next eye exam.

Before you decide on a particular eye doctor, determine their prices. Get estimates from as many eye doctors as you can, so you can select the most affordable vision healthcare professional.

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