What is a blue light filter on glasses?

The advantages of blue light filter have been the talk of the town. From millennial to GenZ, everyone seems to be enjoying the impact it created on the eyes.  In this digital era, it’s hard to escape various drastic side effects of technology use. Our generation has a great dependence on television, computers, tablets and phones, mostly for fun and others for regular work. The constant exposure towards the computer screen leads to various eye diseases and vision loss in long terms. Hence blue light filter glasses are created for reducing the deterioration and side effects and settle on good and healthy eye health.

What is Blue light?

Blue light is the light rays that are emitted by the sun, digital devices and other artificial light. Since we consume hours of social media, YouTube or any other social through a computer, mobile and laptop, these blue light travel into our eyes. Our eyes don’t have any defence mechanism against these light and reach the retina of our eyes.

We interact with a blue light on a daily basis and sit in front of it for a long duration.  It leads to many distress for the eyes leading to chronic eye disease affecting clear vision. Blue light directly damages the cells of the retina and also damages and obstructs our sleeping schedule. There is no way to escape these harmful rays other than blue light blocking glass. With blue light blocking glasses, you can maintain an active daily lifestyle without any destruction caused to your eyes and getting proper sleep.

How does Blue light impact our eyes?

People all around the world are loving the positive effectiveness of Blue light glasses towards their eye health and clarity for viewing. Staring at those screens of computers and smartphones for a long period of time is itself a troublesome problem yet the severe harmful impacts are intense. The blue light directly harms retina and often timed makes our eyes feel dry and tired. Due to the light you feel exhausted and develop a blurry vision and eyestrain. It causes a negative impact on your work productivity and doesn’t let you concentrate and lack creativity.

Most people due to their niche of work experience constant headaches and motion sickness while looking at the screen and leads to out of focus vision and other complications.

It messes up our healthy daily life routine of sleeping on time and waking up in the morning. People haven’t yet figured out the exact amount of blue light exposure we should get on a particular day but looks like the extended time limit of us spend on tablets and smartphones are pretty high because it starts to show negative symptoms immediately. These are just the instant negative occurrence of eye health problems but it has been proven that they farther leads to damaging vision in future.

How does Blue light filtered glasses help?

For better health and productivity, it is highly advisable to switch to blue light filtered glasses because their effectiveness has led to the most comfortable situation in life.  Not only do they improve your vision but also safeguard yours from harmful blue light rays. Since blue light is the cause of eye strain and headache, the blocking filter on the glasses works as a great help to completely block them out and provide a safe environment. Not only our eye muscles are no longer strained but also they are recovered and back to normal functioning. Blue light also put an end to the melatonin generation which is a sleep hormone that helps us sleep, which leads to an abrupt sleep cycle and bad overall health. With blue light filtering, these problems are properly solved as it gives back our healthy sleep pattern, combat eye strain and provides good vision.

A blue light filter is a great solution to survive in this digital era with advanced style and solution.

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