How to Properly Care For Your Contact Lenses in Calgary

Contact lenses are classified as medical devices that require a prescription from a specialist in eye care in Calgary even if you choose to have them for any other purpose other than vision correction. If you go for an eye exam, the eye care specialist will assess your eyes’ health and check for myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. The eye care specialist will precisely measure your vision, and if deemed necessary, you will be given a prescription for the right corrective lenses.

Handling Your Contact Lenses

Cleanliness is a vital component of proper care and handling of new lenses. Consequently, you need to make sure your hands are clean and harbor no foreign substances as you handle your lenses. For proper care and handling, you need to take note of the following:

  1. Wash your hands to prevent the transfer of germs and dirt to your eye. Also, avoid moisturizing soaps, lotion, or oily cosmetics because these might hinder the successful wearing of your lenses.
  2. When you remove your lenses, you need to make sure that you clean them with the solution recommended by a specialist with a great understanding of eye care in Calgary. Cleaning is vital, as it clears cosmetics, eye-produced buildup, and other debris that potentially impairs the comfort of your lens.
  3. Handle your contact lenses using your fingertips and do not allow them to come into contact with your fingernails. You might want to consider keeping your fingernails short at all times.

Contact Lens Case Care

It is highly recommended that you strictly follow the directions and instructions provided by your eye care specialist regarding proper use of contact lens as well as the lens case and other care products. Note that the case can harbor bacteria if you fail to care for it as recommended. Therefore, you need to empty the cases, clean, and rinse with cleaning agents recommended by the manufacturer. After cleaning the lens cases, allow them to dry. It is imperative that you replace your lens cases at regular intervals. When it comes to replacements, your chosen specialist offering eye care in Calgary can guide you on the frequency.

What to Do In Case Of Adverse Reactions

If you suddenly notice a problem with contact lenses such as burning, stinging, eye pain, excess watering, redness, unusual eye secretions, blurred vision, halos around objects, rainbows around objects, dry eyes, sensitivity to light, or discomfort, then you should immediately do the following:

  • Remove your contact lenses.
  • If the problem or discomfort stops, you should closely examine your lenses. If you notice that your lenses are damaged, then you should not wear them again. Put the lenses back in their storage case, and immediately contact a specialist with a renowned reputation for offering services related to eye care in Calgary. On the other hand, if your lenses have dirt, eyelashes, or any other foreign body on them you should clean them thoroughly, rinse properly, and disinfect them. After completing the aforementioned procedures, you can reinsert the lenses. If you notice that any of the problems mentioned persist, you should quickly remove them and consult your local eye care specialist.

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