Eye Glasses in Calgary

Our vision is bound to change as we age and eventually, we may find ourselves in a conundrum trying to choose between contact lenses or eyeglasses to help with blurry vision.

While your optometrist is guaranteed to suggest which option is the right fit for you, your opinion counts as well. Truth be told, there are negatives and positives to both and ultimately, the decision you make will come down to your personal preferences.

To walk you through the whole process, here is a rundown of the key similarities and distinctions between eye glasses in Calgary and contact lenses in Calgary to help you make the right choice.

Eye Glasses

Eyeglasses basically come in two types. Multifocal vision glasses, which aid with both distance related issues such as nearsightedness along with reading issues, and single vision glasses, which help in correcting distance related issues.


  1. They are convenient, they can easily be taken on and off in a matter of seconds.
  2. They are suitable for persons who suffer from any allergies or eye-related issues.
  3. Price: eye glasses in Calgary are way cheaper than contact lenses. With eyeglasses, you don’t have to change them over time (unless they break, of course), and also, if your optometrist changes the prescription, you can just replace the lenses and keep your original frames.
  4. They have an egalitarian quality to them and can be used to make a bold fashion statement.
  5. Glasses have the ability to offer protection from some environmental factors like debris, wind, and dust.
  6. They can be tinted and turned into prescription glasses, plus they are fairly easy to clean.


  1. Poor peripheral vision, since they sit about half an inch from the eyes.
  2. Eyeglasses have a tendency to fog up with a change in temperature, thus they are not a good option for some activities like sports.
  3. Some frames can exert pressure behind the ears and on the nose which can lead to constant headaches and discomfort.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are narrow discs of glass or plastics that sit on the eye to correct vision. There are two types of contact lenses in Calgary: hard or rigid glass and soft ones. The soft contact lenses are the most popular as they have the ability to hold more water.


  1. They offer a full field of vision.
  2. They are safe for outdoor activities, such as sports, since they are designed to have a high tolerance for impacts.
  3. Unlike glasses, contact lenses provide natural vision since there is no distance between them and the eye.
  4. They don’t fog up or require constant cleaning.
  5. They are relatively affordable.
  6. Some people find them very comfortable to wear since they neither require regular adjustments nor do they press down on the nose and ears.
  7. The wearer can wear a pair of sunglasses over them, not to mention contact lenses in Calgary are available in an array of different colours to choose from.


  1. They cannot be reused after swimming.
  2. Extra care with storage and handling is required.
  3. They are easy to lose, given their small size.
  4. They can cause eye irritation and infections.

Wrapping Up

To summarize, both contact lenses and eyeglasses are a great choice for correcting vision. Take a look at your eye health needs and daily lifestyle before you make your ultimate choice.

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