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Eye care is one of the most essential practices being adopted with the development of societies; human eye is the most delicate organ in the entire body. Its constant care is crucial for the longevity of eye sight and for avoiding eye related diseases and complications.

When to avail eye care services?

World is progressing at a rapid rate. With all the development comes the vice of pollution which is the cause of a huge number of diseases, especially in developing and under developed countries. Most severe diseases of the human body include eye related diseases and their number is accelerating at a rapid pace.

In case you feel irritation, redness, some tingling feeling or pain in your eyes which is either persistent or chronic, it is high time to avail eye care services. It is always suggested to gain eye check up once a year.

Importance of eye care

To lead a fulfilling life, eyes are an unavoidable necessity; if proper care is not taken many complications may arise. In severe cases it may lead to blindness which then causes further problems which are numerous. Only to avoid one trouble, experts always recommend annual eye check up.

Health of eyes is directly linked with your mental health as well as the health of the entire body. Eyes are windows of the body. Experts can diagnose any illness by simply looking in the eyes of a patient. A person with good eye sight and better condition of eyes is supposed to have a longer life.

At Cataract Surgery San Antonio you will receive best eye care services, one of which is cataract surgery.

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Cataract is an eye disorder which results in blurred vision due to cloudiness around the lens. In severe cases, it results in complete blindness. Symptoms include trouble seeing at night, in bright lights, seeing faded colours, blurred vision. It occurs due to aging, not using sun glasses in bright sunlight, exposure to radiations and traumas.

Cataract Surgery

In case of a cataract, eye surgeons perform cataract surgery to help you see better as before. In a surgery, a cut is made in the front of the eye and cataract is suctioned after breaking it down, then new lens is added before closing the cut. Eye takes a few weeks to heal completely.

Advantages of cataract surgery

Cataract surgery not only promises clearer and better vision but it also improves longevity. People who have cataract surgery especially elderly people are reported to have forty percent decrease in mortality rate. It reduces risk of falling and hurting one’s own self due to better vision hence resulting in less accidents and fractures. In short, it improves overall quality of life as a person having cataract surgery then benefits from enjoying colours of life and chances of getting better employment increase.

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