What are the possible techniques for hip or knee pain?

The injuries that are link to a sudden fall usually include hip or knee. The fall could be a usual trip or a road accident, flight from the stairs or a sports injury, no matter what the reason is behind you having a hip or knee pain, here we are to tell you, that there are physiotherapies for the hip and knee treatment, that leaves your joints pain free and are promising to give you a better feeling about it.

When you visit a physiotherapist for the hip or knee treatment, he would first assess your degree of pain, you level of injury and then he would device a program for you that would consist of various exercises and routines that would make your hip or knee feel better and would help prevent injuries in the future. A range of tests are performed to check the mobility and strength of the person and based on that analysis, a physiotherapist is able to treat you with any of the following methodologies.

  1. Manual treatment

This treatment makes use of the hands on techniques that include exercises and therapies that are done with the hand. The physiotherapist could give you certain massage as well in order to help reduce the stress in your sore hip or knee. These are the immediate therapies that a patient can get from the specialist.

  1. Ice and heat therapies

When you are experiencing inflammation in the body, the inflammation is the reasons for pain as well, applying heat is not advisable. First you have to make use of ice to cool down the inflammation, then after sometime, you will apply heat to it so that you can increase the mobility of the joint. This is the technique that the physiotherapists use too in order to help your sore hip and knee.

  1. Home exercises

After assessing your pain condition and the treatment that you need, the physiotherapist can advise you certain home remedies as well. These can include exercises and massage routines that you can easily perform at home and help decrease the pain in your sore hip or knee. Adding these light exercise to your daily routine, would help relieve the pain and prevent future injuries as well.

  1. Ultrasound therapy

This is another way of providing heat to the deep tissues inside your body. For this, the physiotherapist would take an ultrasound of the affected area of the body and would then treat it according to the results. This is a pretty effective approach against hip and knee pain.

  1. Laser therapy

This is the latest technique that is largely in use for the treatment of pain. The laser therapies are helpful because they help increase the circulation of blood, help with the reproduction and growth of the cells and reduce the swelling so that the patient feels better and pain free. All these techniques are effective and are used according to the need of the patient.

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