How to Design a Simple MMA Workout for Solo Training

Mixed martial arts is a very complex method of combat that uses simple maneuvers for acquiring a submission. These maneuvers are manual and there is no tool used, instead, you will be using your own body as a tool. The training of MMA is relatively complex, which is the reason you need to join an institute. You can also seek help from a dedicated private trainer who can help you monitor your progress and help you improve. With training, you need to focus not only on body training and strength you also need to improve your maneuvers and your speed. However, you cannot achieve all these things in one go. This is the reason you need to work with small-term goals so that you can feel more motivated.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail about starting your MMA journey. We will be listening to things that are simple and easy and you do not have to rely on a private trainer or join an institute. To help the beginners we have set a framework for reference as well.

Decide Your Goal

For the training plan, start with setting a goal. With the help of the goal, you will be able to plan your workout. For this, the best idea is to only get your body ready for the workout in the first week. Once your body is ready then switch to something extra. After the warm-up, you can learn some basic maneuvers like kicking and punching and other defense mechanisms. After that switch to the combination so you can know what punching combinations will complement each other. Finally, switch to speed-based training that will help you to practice.

List down The Basics

For these steps, you need to list down all the types of punches, kicks, defense mechanisms, and combinations that you will be practicing. Apart from this, also list down the equipment that you will be using and the list of exercises that you will be practicing by using that equipment.

Start With One Week Basic Cardio Program

To get your body ready, you need to warm up first. So for this start with s simple cardio programs. This will improve your strength and endurance and you will be able to work out for longer hours without getting tired or losing your breath. This is a vital step and you cannot replace it with anything else. Within the cardio program, you can add cycling, yoga, swimming, or anything that you like to play.

Switch to Basic Maneuvers Program

After the warm-up session, switch to the basic maneuvers session. Within this, your main work will be to focus on learning the punching styles or even grappling. You need to learn how to perform various kicks and punching styles for acquiring submission and knocking out the opponent.

Learn the Combination

Your combination practice will go a long way. This is because some of the punching styles bring you very close to your opponent which only exposes you and makes you vulnerable. To learn each combination your main focus needs to be on which punch is followed by what maneuvers provide security to you.

Watch Video and Learn the Strategic Maneuvers

Once you have learned the combination you also need to learn where you should use these moves. To help you learn, watch MMA fights and you will be able to see how you can use the combinations that you have learned for winning a fight. You also need to focus on the ways these combinations will trigger the response so you know what to do next. This is a detailed process and each detail plays a very important role in the process so make sure you do not miss out on the details.

Work On Your Speed

Your speed will give you leverage over the other player. Most people do not realize that your response time will help you win the game easily. Start with a time to see how you can complete one combination within a time and then try to improve it. Apart from this, also work on the combinations speed through speed bag workout.

Practice with Heavy Bag Workout

A heavy bag workout is another very important thing because it will help you to know how you are going to use a workout to your advantage. With a heavy bag workout, you will be able to strengthen your punch and see its impact as well.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, MMA or mixed martial arts is not just another combat game that you need to learn. It is skill-based training that will require a lot of time to polish. Where most people do not understand the idea of skill-based training they go for expert training right away. However, with skill-based training, your main focus needs to be on improving with time. Even if you are making one percent progress every day or even less, it will still be considered progress and it will go a long way. Your main focus needs to be on the goal and the exercises that can help you reach your goal faster.

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