Fun Facts About Weed You May Not Know Of

If you think you know a lot of things about marijuana, think again. We’ve compiled a list of fun facts about weed that you may not have heard of and some of them are a doozy. So, visit the nearest dispensary in Tulsa (or wherever else you can do so) for your weed needs and stock your knowledge on these fun facts about weed while you’re at it.

Shakespeare rocked the joint

If you’ve never appreciated William Shakespeare before maybe you will now. The most famous playwright is said to have smoked marijuana in his time and it may have even contributed to the creation of his most beloved plays.

According to reports, historians who studied everything about Shakespeare discovered traces of marijuana in his pipes in his garden in Stratford. Forensic scientists studied the clay tobacco pipes that were discovered in Shakespeare’s garden and they found traces of marijuana in them.

So, it may have been possible that when Shakespeare was penning the immortal love story Romeo and Juliet he was not high on love but on something else, entirely. Other historians, though, are not easily convinced that the English bard was a frequent cannabis smoker. But, it would explain a lot about how Shakespeare came up with his very animated, sometimes grotesque, characters, and his vivid, even ethereal, settings.

There are over 200 slang words for weed

You’d be surprised to find out that there are more than 200 slang words for marijuana. You might have thought that you already knew most of the words associated with this plant but the truth is you probably know only a fourth of it.

Check out some of the words associated with weed:

  • Airplane – because weed makes you high
  • Houdini – because weed lets you “escape” reality
  • Green Goddess – because it’s colored green and “goddess” for the quality of the experience
  • Aunt Mary – it’s a pun on the word “marijuana” which is also often referred to as “Mary Jane”
  • Muggle – nope, not the  Harry Potter kind but  more related to a 1920s term “muggle-head” which refers to people who smoked pot
  • Bag of bones – when you have a stash of multiple joints they look like little bones
  • Cabbage – when the weed you bought is of poor quality
  • Nixon – when the weed you bought is of poor quality but the seller said it’s great

Weed may be able to cure cancer

Another great thing about marijuana is that it’s beneficial for people with cancer. For several years, people with cancer have been smoking weed to alleviate their symptoms. Some people smoke weed to curb the feeling of nausea and even pain.

Weed is also famous for making people hungry, which is also useful to people with cancer because cancer patients often lose their appetite. In addition to these facts about weed, some scientists are now confident that marijuana may even be able to kill cancer cells.

Smoking weed doesn’t cause lung cancer

A lot of people believe that smoking weed can cause lung cancer for the mere fact that smoking cigarettes does that. But, the difference between the two is that marijuana is all natural while cigarettes have many chemicals that are hazardous to a person’s lungs.

In addition to that, scientists have been studying the effects of marijuana to the human body and so far they haven’t found any evidence that it causes lung cancer. Despite that, it may be wise to smoke weed moderately.

So, these are just some of the fun facts about marijuana that you might not have heard of yet. Learn more about this wonderful plant so that more and more people will finally refute the negative image of marijuana.

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