Everything you need to know about our Private Pilates training

Why you need Private Pilates?

Stretch, strength and core are the key points of Pilates. Most instructors focus solely on these three things. At an advanced level, you need to add ‘control’ to the list. You need to have a mind-body control which enables the mind to move your body. That sort of co-ordination has to be achieved for best results. What you should be aiming for is the focus. That is what helps you get the most out of the stretch. Control is the main powerhouse which goes to the bottom of your legs and all the way up. It is for the ‘control’, people need private Pilates lesson in Singapore. You need a personalized trainer to work with you on it.

Why us?

At our facility, we have the best fitness apparatus and specialized equipment. Some of the leaders in our field have the majority of it. Nevertheless, their facilities always miss out on little equipment. With years of experience in fitness, we made sure to have it all for our clients. We make sure the equipment are more individualized and fun. We are not just doing math or work things out in theory. Our style is to test with those trial and errors and nail the perfect fitness formula that works for you.

Private Pilatesis for everyone

For most part, our equipment is spring based. The control is achieved by controlling the springs back together. You are made to feel like you are really using your core. Having the resistance goes a long way too. The equipment and apparatus we use, helps clients achieve the goals of Pilates. We offer full body workouts, which even suits people who have never exercised in their lives. It works just as much for people who decided to switch to Pilates from regular gym workout routines. Pilates is a different way of finding out to engage your mind and body.


Another important reason why you need Private Pilates is because people often get intimidated by the equipment used in this space. Private lessons are required to bring them to pace and ease them into the process. We are talking about people who were never into fitness in their lifetime. People learn to get comfortable with the equipment, learn where their body is at and judge how flexible they are. Before starting individually, we need to see the client. We see where they need more work and help them accordingly.

All-round support

We work with a lot of physical therapists, when our clients have an issue. We have worked with clients who had hip replacement and knee replacement issues. The common issue is the bad back, where people so desperately need Pilates. Strengthening the core and the muscles around it helps alleviate the pain. It works on your posture, which is the first tell-tale sign of a fitter person. You would start with looking fit and work your way through staying fit. Our apparatus are very involved that you just can’t go and do it on our own. It is for that reason we offer private Pilates.

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