5 Ways Stretching Can Change Your Physique

Flexibility isn’t the only benefit of stretching. Stretching can change your physique and is important to your overall health. Learn the benefits of stretching and how it can improve your physique.

5 Ways Stretching Can Change Your Physique

Stretching is a crucial component of a general wellness plan, but it is often neglected because it’s usually not associated with obvious, physical improvements. But don’t give high-intensity exercise all the credit! The truth is that stretching can have a profound impact on your physique! Read on to learn about the many ways that incorporating stretching into your routine can change your body.

1. It Can Improve Your Balance and Posture

Yoga—especially if it is practiced routinely—helps improve your balance and posture by activating the muscle groups that counteract our frequent hunched, sitting position. In our modern lives, we put too much pressure on our spine by sitting too much throughout the day. The cumulative effect of this is that it weakens smaller, supportive muscles that are important for maintaining good posture. Stretching and using these muscles is incredibly important for maintaining general back health. Down the line, this can mean fewer neurological problems and less back pain. You will also appear taller if you are able to stand and sit with a straighter back.

2. It Can Help Build Muscle

Stretching in certain positions (especially static stretching) requires your body to use smaller muscle groups that are not usually activated by most workouts. Building muscle is an effective way to speed up weight loss, since muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does. Certain yoga practices require endurance along with the stretches (poses like the “warrior” series that require you to maintain an upright posture as you stretch), which over time can give you a leaner, more muscular physique.

3. It Can Make Your Skin Glow

Stretching promotes better blood flow and oxygen delivery throughout the body. Improved oxygen delivery can, in turn, help release toxins that are responsible for skin problems! Flushing your system of these toxins can help clear up pesky skin flare-ups like acne and rosacea. Few people realize the range of circulatory benefits that come with consistent stretching.

4. It Can Make You More Athletic

Flexibility and athleticism go hand in hand. Think about the physique of ballerinas: their impressive flexibility is supported by intensive strength and endurance training. Stretching can also improve your physique indirectly by helping to enable you to make the most of your other physical activities, including intensive workouts. Your body is better equipped to handle these sessions when it is stretched and balanced. You’re also less prone to injury when you stretch properly—our muscles were not designed to contract without having an opportunity to relax.

5. It Can Make You Healthier in General

Stretching helps release stress from the body. When you hold on to stress, you create tension in the body that can lead to bigger health problems down the road. Research has shown that individuals who regularly practice yoga have lower blood pressure, improved mood, and less stress in general. Improving your general stress levels and your overall health will also help improve your physique! You might notice improved sleep (and fewer dark circles under the eyes), a clearer complexion, and more energy!

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