Ingenious Edibles You Can Buy Online or Make at Home

While marijuana has many benefits to the average consumer, not everyone enjoys physically smoking it. Luckily for Canadians over the age of 19, it’s never been easier to find cannabis alternatives. The internet is full of edibles, which are simply weed-infused foods. Whether you’d instead consume your cannabis as pizza or candy, there’s plenty of options available online for adult Canadians to choose from.

The Science Behind Edibles

Edibles are foods and drinks infused with marijuana. As more countries, including Canada, legalize weed, edibles have become less stigmatized and more mainstream. Those who can legally consume them, which is anyone over the age of 19 in Canada, have never been more accessible. Several companies have popped up since legalization that sells edibles online.

However, making edibles isn’t as simple as crushing weed up in a brownie. If you want to get high, you must cook the pot first. Uncooked, pot is simply a superfood chocked full of healthy oils and vitamins. Once it’s cooked, though, cannabis can be added to or infused with a variety of foods and drinks.

This fact alone lends some explanation as to why people get high differently from edibles as opposed to smoking weed. Since it’s cooked, edibles tend to have higher concentrations of cannabis than your average joint. Some foods are also prepared with cannabis-infused butter or oils, making the effects even more potent.

Order Online

There are a few places where Canadians can buy edibles legally online. No matter if you prefer sweets or salty foods, you’ll quickly find an edible that’s right for you and your tastebuds.

  • Pizza: Edible pizza is just that: pizza made with cannabis-infused oil. It’s got the same ingredients as your favorite pizza, only with an added kick to the pizza sauce.
  • Ice Cream: Weed pairs well with nearly every ice cream flavor. The most common way to add weed into ice cream is through cannabis-infused butter.
  • Macaroons: Those wanting a more luxurious experience can try weed macaroons. This delicacy involves infusing the frosting with 60 percent activated-THC cannabis distillate or cannabis oil.
  • Cereal: Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Start your day with some cereal infused with cannabis butter. Cereal is an easy and inexpensive way to add cannabis to your diet.
  • Chips: Cannabis-infused oil or butter can elevate any flavor or brand of chips. Whether you’re spending a night in or going to a party, cannabis chips always satisfy.
  • Various Candies: If you are craving chocolate, gummies, or hard candies, there’s a weed candy for you. Made with cooked weed, these are strong and readily available weed-infused treats.

At-Home Edibles Recipes

Are you stuck at home during quarantine with nothing to do? Try adding weed to your favorite recipes. Here’s a list of classic edible recipes that are easy to make at home.

  • Classic Cannabutter: Cannabutter, or cannabis butter, is a common way to make a variety of foods weed-infused. Be sure to choose a recipe that explains how to cook weed properly. This step is crucial to ensuring the THC in pot becomes activated. Without activated THC, you won’t experience a high.
  • Marijuana Milk: Adding marijuana to milk is one of the easiest ways to get a cannabis-infused drink. This recipe shows how to properly infuse the milk with marijuana leaves while maximizing the amount of cannabis oil that makes it into your milk.
  • Cannabis Lasagna: The hardest part of cannabis lasagna is making its original form, which many online recipes show you how to do quickly and easily. Just add THC oil to your meat and cheese to soak the recipe in cannabis.
  • Cannabis-infused Butter Chicken: Butter chicken, also known as Chicken Makhani, is an Indian staple. It’s an easy recipe that involves soaking chicken in a variety of spices and cannabutter.
  • Weed Grilled Cheese: This is a quick recipe if you made the Classic Cannabutter. Just make grilled cheese as you usually do and add the cannabutter.
  • Cannabis Banana Bread: Banana bread is another almost too-easy edibles recipe. Pick your favorite banana bread recipe and substitute butter for cannabutter.

Edibles for Everyday Life

There are a variety of reasons to try edibles, and they’ve never been more accessible, either. As long as you’re over 19 in Canada and meet the legal requirements to enjoy weed, edibles are an effortless way to give marijuana a shot. Like any other substance, be sure to know how much you can handle, and enjoy edibles responsibly.

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