Bioidentical Hormones Can Help With All Of Your Problems

There is an active women’s group in West Palm Beach County that believes that the use of bioidentical hormones can prevent many serious health issues, which could be faced in the future. These groups have been contacted by a local company that produces an over-the-counter supplement. The research group has sent a number of questions to the company.

Many of these questions are aimed at finding out whether or not there have been any adverse effects reported as a result of the bioidentical hormones. This article will cover some of these questions and what answers have been provided so far.

One of the first questions that has been raised about bioidentical hormones is if there have been side effects reported. This is actually a legitimate question. If there is a problem, the company will have to make a public statement about it. They have to make this statement before the FDA even begins their investigation.

Biomolecule and propylene glycol are the synthetic hormones being used in the product. These two compounds are not naturally occurring. In fact, they are not even approved by the FDA as medications. They are simply “supplements” that can be used as a dietary supplement. There are currently no studies looking into their effectiveness for any medical condition.

The main benefit of bioidentical hormones West Palm Beach is the fact that they do not contain estrogen. This means that the risk of breast cancer is greatly reduced. The risks of contracting endometrial disease and ovarian cancer are also greatly reduced. These are only a few of the possible benefits. There is still much more research needed to determine whether or not these bioidentical hormones are effective.

Another benefit of bioidentical hormones is the lack of side effects. There is very little known about the long term affects of using them. There are other hormones out there that are being used, and there is still a great deal of unknown when it comes to how they will affect a person over time. Many of these other hormones have been linked to a number of different side effects including blood clots, headaches, mood swings, and even certain types of cancers. With bioidentical hormones, there is virtually no chance of any of these problems arising.

You can obtain bioidentical hormones for just about any purpose. If you have hormonal imbalance issues, you can use these treatments to help balance your hormones. If you are suffering from menopause and are having hot flashes, you can get these treatments to help alleviate those symptoms. If you just want to relieve symptoms of everyday life, there are bioidentical sprays available to do just that.

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