Tips for Enhancing the Effects of the Keto Diet

There is no doubt that keto can offer plenty of benefits as far as weight loss and other health benefits are concerned. But even so, there are a couple of things you can do to push the benefits this diet has to offer to the next level. The keto diet is centered around a process called ketosis. During your keto diet, you can improve on this process by doing the following.

1. Use Coconut Oil in Your Diet

Coconut is not like any other kind of oil; it contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). These compounds are absorbed faster in the body and they go into the liver where they are used immediately for energy. The oil is also converted into ketones faster, and this helps the ketosis kick in faster.

2. Look Past the Food 

Having the right keto diet will certainly get you somewhere, but a few other things can allow you to enjoy more benefits from this diet. For instance, you should ensure you get enough sleep, avoid stress, and remain active.

3. Eat Alkaline Foods

Alkaline foods make the ketosis process more pronounced, and that means you enjoy the benefits of a keto diet more. Therefore, you should avoid foods that cause your body to be more acidic. Some of the foods you should avoid include coffee, dairy products, alcohol and the like. Instead, you should focus on alkaline foods such as greens. For a more detailed guideline on the foods you should eat or avoid while on a keto diet, you can have a look at

4. Don’t Eat too Much or Too Little

When on a keto diet, you don’t have to painstakingly count every calorie that goes into your body. However, that does not mean you should eat excessively. When on this diet, you should be more attuned to your desires for food so that you eat what makes you full and then stop. There is no deliberate restriction of calories when on a keto diet, unless you have always had issues with portion control. But with the drastic reduction in carbs and the increase in the amount of proteins, it should be easier to determine at what point you have had enough food for the time being,

5. Drink Enough Water

You should drink enough water when on a keto diet to keep your body in perfect working order; and therefore in a better condition to enter ketosis. At the very least, you should drink half your weight in ounces of water. Having enough water can also help you control your appetite better since thirst can exacerbate feelings of hunger and make you eat more than you should.

6. Have a Plan

Any diet has to be taken seriously to work as intended. You don’t have to obsess over it throughout the day, but having a plan and some ideas on how to make it work is going to help you report better results. In particular, you should know what you are going to eat beforehand and make sure you understand the impact it will have on your diet goals. Looking up if the meal you had was appropriate for your keto diet is not going to get you very good results. So, make sure you know the meal you are about to have is good for your diet or not before you take it; not after.

7. Get some Exercise

Keto diet will have better results when you throw a few workouts into the mix. These exercises ensure that the carbohydrates you take are used up. Remember that this diet is centered on reducing carbs in the diet. Consequently, if you eat a little more than necessary, the exercise will ensure that these foods don’t ruin your diet. Some of the workouts you can try include push-ups, deadlifts, and pull-ups.


Yes, there is a lot the keto diet plan can do for you. But it can do even more if you do the above as well. Ensuring that you are properly hydrated, working out, avoiding acidic foods, and the like can make the positive impact of this diet on your body more enhanced.

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