Top 5 Reasons for Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth do not necessarily make anyone wiser, but these late-stage molars often cause severe discomfort if they erupt from gums and crowd your existing teeth. However, some wisdom teeth cause jaw alignment issues, sinus problems, damaged cavities, and cysts. A team of experts does the extraction of most wisdom teeth in Huntington Beach at Orange Coast Dental Specialty in California, to relieve tooth decay, infection, and gum disease issues allowing you to have better oral health.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth removal is the procedure to remove the third set of molars, which appears during the teen stage. Most people at least have one impacted tooth which does not have enough room to grow naturally, causing damage to the surrounding bones and teeth.

Even if your wisdom teeth are not the source of your pain, it does not mean there is something wrong; therefore, after extensive evaluation, your dentists might remove wisdom teeth to prevent problems later in your life.

However, if your wisdom teeth are correctly aligned, fully erupted, healthy, and can be reached by a toothbrush during flossing, there is no need to remove them, and the only thing that your dentist might require you is to pay attention to good oral hygiene such as regular flossing, avoiding smoking, sugary foods, and beverages.

The following are reasons why you should have your wisdom teeth removed at Orange Coast Dental Specialty:

Damage to Nearby Teeth

The extra set of molars that erupt in your mouth can force the already positioned permanent teeth to shift from their position. These, therefore, cause pain, bite problems, and overcrowding, which causes ineffective brushing and flossing and even causes cavities and periodontal diseases. Extraction is hence necessary to avoid undergoing additional procedures to strengthen the impacted teeth.

Jaw Damages

Impaction causes improper mouth function and motion, which damages the jaws. Like all other teeth, wisdom teeth grow from the jaw, and with impacting and shifting of other teeth, there are damages to the jawline, and cysts can form along with the damages. Extraction, however, alleviates damage to the nerves of the neighboring teeth and prevents cyst formation.

Sinus Problems

Since the mouth and nose are intricately connected, removing impacted wisdom teeth helps ease pain, pressure, and congestion, if wisdom teeth cause the sinus effect.

Pain and Sensitivity

If you have a toothache, sensitivity, and slight throbbing sensation during eating or brushing, the chances are that your wisdom teeth have erupted and caused immense harm. Therefore, visit your dentist and remove them to prevent damage to the surrounding teeth and tooth decay problems.

Inflammation and Infection

Due to impaction and limited space caused by wisdom teeth, the gums become infected and inflamed during flossing. All the areas are not accessed; therefore, it calls for extraction to avoid painful gum disease and other oral hazards.

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Wisdom teeth cause various problems such as staying stuck in the gums, partially erupting, and even erupting fully causing impaction, which results in infection and abscess that damage the root, bone, and gum. Conduct Orange Coast Dental Specialty and get the best evaluation and extraction of wisdom teeth that are causing pain or might cause future dental problems.

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