Gain a better understanding of tooth extraction

Among the parts of the mouth, teeth play a very crucial function as compared to the rest. This reason makes the teeth become exposed to very many problems. Individuals should ensure that they take good care of their teeth through regular brushing after consuming meals and visit the dentist for checkups. If the teeth are not brushed regularly, they may decay to the extent they can no longer perform their primary function that is chewing and biting. The teeth, if damaged beyond repair, the only option is to remove them completely. Tooth extractions in Campbell offer dental services, including tooth extraction used in teeth that have been damaged beyond repair. For more information book an appointment.

What is tooth extraction?

It is an oral surgery where a dentist removes one or more teeth from the jawbone. There are many options used in treating the teeth, but if they are severely damaged, then teeth extraction stands out as the best option. Teeth extraction has several benefits to the oral health of dental patients. These benefits are;

  • It helps in removing the infection. If left in the mouth, the damaged tooth will infect the other teeth and the gums.
  • It assists in reducing pain. Generally, damaged teeth are sometimes painful as they are constantly being attacked by bacteria which causes toothaches. Removing them will ensure that an individual gets rid of the pain.
  • It also corrects misalignment. Sometimes teeth may be extracted if they have grown without following the gum line. If other treatment modes cannot solve this problem, one may remove them completely, remaining with the aligned teeth.
  • It also improves the appearance as the damaged teeth have been completely removed.
  • Tooth extraction also gives way to the other therapeutic procedures by dentists.

A qualified surgeon or dentist should do tooth removal as any single mistake might lead to more complications during the process.

Why do you need a tooth extraction?

A dentist prefers tooth extraction typically if a dental patient shows the following signs and symptoms;

  • If you experience dental pain and severe toothaches, which makes you uncomfortable to an extent where it becomes difficult to eat.
  • If you have advanced periodontal diseases, especially in the more damaged tooth.
  • If your tooth is loose and has severely decayed.
  • If you have excess teeth causing misalignment.
  • If you still have your baby teeth that did not fall out by natural means.
  • If your tooth can no longer function.
  • If your tooth is severely infected and poses a danger to the other teeth.

What usually happens during tooth extraction?

An individual must visit the dentist to determine whether the tooth will be removed or rather be treated using other methods. After the checkups and confirmation that the tooth should be removed, the dentist injects a local anesthetic agent that numbs the tooth area. Generally, the anesthetic agent ensures that you do not feel pain during the surgery. Once this is done, the damaged tooth is grasped and is gently removed from the jawbone. Soft cotton is then put in the space left after the removal to prevent excessive bleeding.

In conclusion, tooth extraction is the best oral surgery for individuals with decayed teeth. It will solve the problem of pain and tooth decay that patients constantly experience. It is also advisable that you regularly visit a dentist for more checkups.

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