4 Corrective Measures for Overbite

There are different specialties within dentistry. One of them is orthodontics. Orthodontists are trained to deal with jaw and tooth alignment. One of their most performed services is correcting an overbite, a condition where the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth. This type of malocclusion can be vertical, horizontal or a mixture of both and can lead to further consequences beyond less than perfect aesthetics like sleep apnea, gum disease, worn tooth enamel, headaches and jaw pain. An orthodontist Queen Creek may offer multiple measures to fix it.

1. Braces

Braces are a common dental treatment used to straighten crooked teeth. Metal bands are glued to the teeth and wired together. The braces force the teeth to gradually shift position over time. They are also the most widely used method for severe overbite adjustment, as well as the fastest and most effective one. However, they still take some time to work and are not removable.

2. Surgery

There are times when braces are not enough. When the overbite comes with skeletal problems, surgery is often needed. Cutting in to the actual jaw to allow movement and using metal screws and plates to hold it stable for a period of time is one procedure employed for or as part of overbite correction.

3. Aligner

Aligners like Invisalign are sometimes used in minor or average overbite cases. They come with the advantages of being less visibly noticeable due to their clear nature, more comfortable in general and removable, allowing for more thorough teeth brushing. They generally lack the pressure to fix severe overbites. Because they do not work when not in the mouth, they must be worn the majority of the time to be effective.

4. Teeth Removal

Since adult teeth don’t shift as easily as younger ones, it is not uncommon for tooth removal to be required as a pre-braces operation. It may also be the whole of the treatment itself. Sometimes overcrowding can cause an overbite, and the simplest solution is to make room in the mouth by removing teeth.

The treatment for each overbite case is based on the degree of severity of the condition and personal budget. Each one takes a different amount of time and has a different price scale, and what works for one person might not work for another. Those suffering from overbites and other jaw problems have a variety of options to choose from, though consulting a dentist about which is best for a particular individual is best.


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