Why it is Vital to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Wisdom teeth are also known as the third molars and typically appear between ages 16 and 25. Although some people have these teeth without any complications, many people suffer from related complications, and it is good to take precautions. Most of the conditions reported to The Woodlands oral surgery specialists at Scott Young, DDS result from an impacted tooth. This is when the tooth is covered by the gum or the bone and can cause severe pain. Following are some reasons it may be essential to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Prevent Overcrowding

Your mouth is already crowded by the time your wisdom teeth are erupting. This means there is little to no space for the other teeth, and they might end up pushing the neighboring teeth aside. As a result, you get a misalignment in your mouth, which can destroy your beautiful smile. Any efforts you may have taken to maintain a beautiful smile can be brought down entirely by the wisdom teeth. To avoid such, it is good to seek help and get the teeth removed.

You Might be at a Risk of Inflammation and Infection

With limited space in your mouth and due to partial impactions, the wisdom teeth can cause inflammation to your gum, leading to painful gum disease or another severe health complication. The inflammation can be difficult to alleviate, and it can spread to surrounding areas. Besides, the impaction creates a breeding ground for bacteria, increasing the risk of infection dramatically.

The Teeth are Difficult to Clean

Even if you don’t experience pain or other complications due to the wisdom teeth, note that your future dental health might be at risk. The last thing you want is plaque and cavities building up due to the difficulty of cleaning in the hard-to-reach wisdom teeth area. If it is difficult to brush and floss around the wisdom teeth, it is also a risk to the other surrounding areas and a threat to your oral health as a whole.

Avoid Cysts and Tumors

If your wisdom teeth become impacted, it can cause tiny tumors or cysts to develop in your jawbone. This can lead to severe pain in your jawbone and joint, affecting your quality of life, where even chewing becomes difficult. That is why it would be good to avoid it by having your wisdom teeth removed.

Prevent Damage to The Nearby Teeth

As you may have noted, wisdom teeth can affect nearby healthy teeth in various ways. Through overcrowding, the wisdom teeth can do more harm than merely invading space. They can lead to bone loss and cavities, which can directly affect the adjacent second molars. When impacted, they can also spread gum disease, infections, and other complications to other areas. It would, therefore, be better to avoid all these by having the wisdom teeth removed.

It is evident that whether you have complications associated with your wisdom teeth or not, it is good to have them removed. If you are concerned about the teeth and would like to learn more about how you can have them removed, please reach out to your provider at Scott Young, DDS.

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