When Should I Consider a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a common procedure where the crown of a tooth is covered with a dental cap called a crown, which helps protect the upper layer of a tooth from misshaping and improves its appearance in functioning better. 

Additionally, it also helps in restoring the tooth’s health. Dental crowns are made out of metal, all-resin, pressed ceramic, and all-ceramic since they vary according to costs, usage, and requirement. 

An all-ceramic crown is used to match a tooth’s natural color, while all-resin is less expensive. Hence, if you need a dental crown, you can consult doctors like Dr. Maham Siddiqui, who can help you fix an appropriate dental crown according to your dental structure.

Although the crown tooth does not require any special treatment, the tooth beneath it needs dental hygiene for protection from tooth decay. Usually, the lifespan of a dental crown depends on the usage and exposure it has, but on average, it can last for several years. 

When Do You Need a Dental Crown?

Although you might not be sure when exactly you should get a dental crown, there are a few signs that you can look at before consulting a dentist. They are:

  • Broken tooth- If you met with an unfortunate incident and broke your teeth but not entirely, you can quickly get a dental crown that will cover up the broken part.
  • Discolored tooth- In case you are experiencing severe discoloration due to the consumption of a few substances, then a dental crown can be placed over the discolored tooth to regain the natural tooth color using the crown.
  • Dental implant- If you feel that your dental implant is visible, getting a dental crown can cover it up quickly while giving a natural look to a tooth.
  • Irregular-shaped tooth- If you have a misshapen tooth due to specific reasons, you can get a dental crown to fix it easily.

Tips for Dental Crown Care

Although a few dentists suggest getting a temporary dental crown, they advise the following preventive measures to follow for your dental hygiene:

  1. Avoid crunching hard food items, which could break the crown in some cases.
  2. Minimize the usage of the side for food consumption where you got the dental crown.
  3. Avoid eating chewy food like caramel which can slip the dental crown.

Your dentist can examine your teeth and help you understand if a dental crown is an ideal solution for the problem.

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