Oral Sedation, How Does It Work?

A large percentage of individuals usually do not look forward to dental visits. Most dental procedures are pain-involving and complex, making many people fearful and nervous of the operations. From tooth extraction to cavity and gum disease treatment, the procedures are not fun at all.

Luckily, most dental practices are aware of that, using pain-relieving techniques to enhance ease and comfort during dental procedures. The Pembroke Pines oral sedation specialists at 601 Dental Studio PA offer various sedation treatments to ensure peaceful and relaxing dental procedures. Book your consultation today to learn how oral sedation works.

What is oral sedation?

Almost every person has a fear of a dentist, with or without a definite reason. It leads to people not visiting their dentist even when they are unwell, complicating their dental issue further.

Dr. Horst, a dental specialist at 601 Dental Studio PA, provides oral sedation to ensure you receive all your dental solutions peacefully and comfortably. The technique in the form of medication helps you relax and stay calm while going through the procedure.

Reasons you may need oral sedation.

You may require oral sedation in the following situations:

  • Extreme anxiety in general and with the dentist
  • You are afraid of visiting a dentist, the procedure and the tools used
  • You are undergoing an extensive dental procedure
  • When having an invasive dental surgery

How does oral sedation work?

Typically, oral sedation involves oral medication to conceal the central nervous system, relieving the pain. Dr. Horst prescribes your oral sedation depending on your anxiety level, the extent of the procedure, your medical history, and other factors.

The medication makes you feel sleepy but also allows you to respond to some requests. Dr. Horsts prioritizes your care and comfort to ensure your procedure goes on smoothly and calmly.

After the treatment, it is essential to have someone take you home. Dr. Horst keeps you at the office for some moments to ensure everything went well. Together with her team, they prepare you for what to expect before the procedure.

What are the benefits of oral sedation?

Oral sedation helps in minimizing discomfort and enhancing a calm experience with your dentist. It has benefits such as:

  • Reduces fear of needles and other dental tools
  • Helps recover from traumatic dental experiences
  • Relieves any discomfort from the sounds, scents, or tastes from dental treatment

Oral sedation allows you to be conscious while having your dental procedure.

Is oral sedation for everyone?

Even though it successfully alleviates discomfort during a dental procedure, the medication is not for everyone. The dosage may not work in some patients since different people function differently. The oral sedation may also not work if you have the following conditions.

  • Depression
  • Glaucoma
  • Impaired kidney function
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Pregnant
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Allergy to benzos
  • Impaired liver function
  • Certain medications

Contact an oral sedation specialist today

Oral sedation is a dentistry technique to alleviate anxiety and fear of a dentist and dental procedures. It helps people reduce their fear of the dentist and receive their dental treatments calmly. Though the medications do not work for everyone, it helps the majority enhance comfortable dental procedures.

Contact Dr. Horst today to learn more about oral sedation.

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