How to Select a Dentist You Can Trust in Oakville

Choosing a dentist you can trust is very important. While there are many dental practitioners out there, not all are trustworthy. Some have not attained the required amount of training in this field while others are not keen to provide their patients with quality dental services. Fortunately, with some research and knowing the correct questions to ask, you are sure to find a trustworthy dentist in Oakville for you and your family. Read on to learn how to select a dentist you can trust.

Training and Qualifications

Ensure that the dentist you choose for you and your family has completed the required training in dentistry. Reliable dentists also attend regular training to keep their skills as well as techniques up-to-date. When selecting a dentist, look for proof of extra skills, qualifications and interests in specialist areas. Some dentists might have additional skills in a specialist area, like sedation dentistry. Before settling for a potential dentist, ask them to present you with evidence of their skills and qualifications.


All dentists, dental hygienists, dental nurses, dental technicians and dental therapists must register with the relevant associations before they can start working legally. These associations regulate dental professionals. You can check the website of the relevant bodies to ensure that a potential dentist in Oakville is registered and the kind of qualifications they possess. If you are interested in sedation dentistry, ensure that the dentist you choose is trained in this area and uses different sedation techniques.

The Dental Office and Team

Before going for a potential dentist, it is wise to visit their office and meet with their team. The office should be clean and well organized, with friendly and helpful staff. A good dentist will always be professional, patient, approachable and sympathetic with all kinds of patients, and you should feel comfortable to ask him or her any questions you might have.

Convenient Location and Office Hours

Selecting a dentist in Oakville whose office is close to your work or home will make it easier to attend regular checkups. You might also want to go with a dentist who offers lunchtime and evening appointments if you have a very tight work schedule. Most dentists will accommodate family booking, as well, so if you have kids, you can all see the dentist at the same time. This is very helpful as it saves you time and money.


Dental Services Offered

Most dentists now offer a variety of services on top of routine dental care. There are many cosmetic dental procedures available, and it is wise to select a dentist who offers a selection of treatments to help you and your loved ones achieve a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. If you or a member of your family suffers from dental phobia, select a dentist who practices sedation dentistry.


These tips should help you find a trustworthy dentist in Oakville for you and your family. The important thing is to conduct some research and compare a few dentists before making your choice. Finally, make sure to choose a dentist that you are comfortable with.

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