Get a Same-Day Dental Crown at Alta Canyada Dental Group, CA

Nowadays, everyone is on the run to enhance their livelihood, though you may incur a dental complication like decaying or weakened teeth. Such an occurrence may influence your capacity to run or handle your daily affairs productively and thus need speedy medical attention. Dr. James Beck, DDS, and his expert team at Alta Canyada Dental Group have you covered. These Glendale same day crown specialists are a prayer answered for a lot of individuals with tight business schedules. Our team ensures you walk out of our office doors with a restored smile in a single office visit.

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What is a Crown?

It is a manufactured cap placed on your teeth and gums. It is a better way of offering protection to your damaged teeth from continued harm while recovering their functionality. The crown rectifies several dental complications such as:

  •         Tooth fractures
  •         Teeth that have broken
  •         Cosmetic adjustments
  •         Teeth that have badly decayed
  •         Damaged fillings
  •         Replacing or repairing old crowns

The procedure successfully replaces your natural teeth with similar traits that no one can differentiate between the replaced teeth and the natural one(s). We implore the most advanced lab technology to design the crown from ceramic or porcelain materials.

Why choose Alta Canyada Dental Group?

Our services are high-ranking and widely appreciated. We offer fast, easy, and comfortable same-day dental fixation procedures that are convenient and time-saving. We implore cutting-edge laboratory tech to develop a mold virtually. Below are other advantages of using one-day Chairside Economic Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC), they include:

  •         Money-Saving

Without the need to wear crowns temporarily in what would have been subsequent office visits, CEREC crowns cut the office visits by half. The supposed visits would require money even when you are insured. Moreover, for some people, saving time from medical attention is an opportunity to make more cash.

  •         Immediate Restoration of Teeth Functions

Talking, eating, and smile patterns conform with your teeth. Therefore, the CEREC crowns help restore these functions immediately–unlike temporal ones, which will demand you to be extra cautious. You, too, have to stick to a prescribed diet to avoid them falling off.

  •         Prevent Decay

When conducting a temporary crown procedure, there is a likelihood of it being loose. In such an instance, it gives room for the tooth to continue decaying. With CEREC crowns, you will never experience this.

  •         Injury Prevention

Unlike traditional crowns that you wear temporarily and cause injury when loose, the one-day CEREC avoids the potential of injury. Dr. James gives you a crown that perfectly fits you in a single visit with less drilling, thus saving most of your tooth.

How is the procedure done?

Dr. James takes a digital impression of your teeth in a 3D scanner and uploads it to the computer to design your crown. The information is fed to the CEREC device that then mills your customized porcelain or ceramic crown. Later, the crown is glazed to match the surrounding teeth’ appearance. Finally, the crown is fixed on the prepared teeth. The whole procedure takes about two hours to complete. After that, you can exit the office with a radiant and restored smile.

To get these efficient restorative dental services, call the California office or make an online appointment today.

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