Facts You Should Know Before Getting Invisalign Treatment in Mississauga

Recently, Invisalign in Mississauga is being marketed heavily to patients looking for orthodontic treatment, and in all honesty, the treatment is pretty effective. But even then, it has its fair share of cons. It is wise that you know what you are getting into before you dive in head first – information is power.

All Invisalign Providers are not Equal

Yes, like all other businesses, Invisalign providers differ in terms of the quality of service that they offer. It is common to see them using words like platinum, diamond, elite, and premier in their marketing. But do not be deceived. These terms do not refer to their expertise. Instead, they are used in reference to the number of cases handled. Do not take them as a reflection of the kind of results patients typically receive from an orthodontist in Mississauga. And keep in mind that Invisalign providers who prescribe a high volume of Invisalign to their patients get higher additional income from the rebates earned.

Invisalign Treatment can be Expensive

In comparison to ceramic and conventional metallic braces, Invisalign treatment is slightly more expensive. In some rare cases, however, these treatments can have similar costs. But even when this is the case, often the quality of results is not the same, so be careful.

Invisalign is not a Painless Treatment

Most people tend to believe that since there aren’t any wires or brackets involved in the process that the treatment is painless. This is a misguided thought. All orthodontic treatments are accompanied with some level of discomfort and pain. The aligners will always take some time to get used to.

Invisalign can Affect Speech

Yes, with Invisalign, your speech may end up being impaired. This is especially true in the beginning before you get used to having Invisalign on. Patients might have a lisp in their speech for a few days. Luckily, this goes away after a while.

Invisalign May Not be the Best Treatment for You

Not every dental problem can be treated and corrected with Invisalign. Some severe cases are usually better corrected with traditional braces.



Invisalign May Not be as Invisible as you Hoped

When Invisalign treatments were first introduced into the market, they were and still are marketed as invisible braces. While they are not as distinct as traditional metal braces they are not quite invisible. A keen person can tell you have braces on. In addition to this, Invisalign treatments also need some special attachments to stay in place and correct the dental problem.

You Can Only Drink Water When the Aligners are on

Aligners should be removed every time you are drinking or eating anything else, apart from water. This is important as it helps in preventing staining and causing damage to the aligners.

The Aligner Trays may be Difficult to Remove

Aligners should fit snugly around the teeth. For this reason, the process of removing is not quite straightforward. It has a bit of a learning curve to it. And given the fact that aligner trays keep changing often to ensure that the teeth are tight, the snug fit may be annoying to some patients.


Note that this information on Invisalign in Mississauga  is not designed to cause you to shy away from Invisalign treatment. On the contrary, it is intended to equip you with all the relevant information to ensure you can make an informed decision. Your orthodontist in Mississauga  will help you in making the decision.

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