Face Mask Controversy Covering Up Emergency Dental Services

Since COVID-19 unexpectedly interrupted our normal lives, everything has changed. Initially, wearing of facemasks was prevalent in some sectors such as the health industry. But today, walking in public without a face mask is illegal and punishable by law. In fact, most people have found themselves on the wrong side with the authorities. As a result, some have paid hefty fines for violating COVID-19 laws. Due to the need for enhancing law during these abnormal times, Victoria has now become Australia’s police state. The implementation of strict COVID-19 orders across all states is understandable, given that COVID-19 is an infectious and deadly disease.

COVID-19 Spread

You contract the COVID -19 virus once droplets from an infected person come into contact with your eyes, mouth or the nose. Therefore, through wearing facemasks, the transmissions are reduced. While this is an excellent move to combat the spread of the virus, most people with dental issues have ignored the need to seek help.

They are consoled by the idea that no one will get to see their teeth if they are wearing a facemask mask. Worse still, some regions across the world have locked up dental clinics. However, there is no need to worry especially if you are looking for an emergency dentist in the New Gisborne, Macedon and Riddells Creek areas. The dental health clinics in those areas are still open legally. You can visit them for emergency dentist services.

How to Book Emergency Dental Services during the COVID-19 Era

Emergencies come announced. The same applies to dental emergencies. During this COVID-19 era, where most services may be inaccessible, your life may literally be unbearable in case of a dental emergency. Unfortunately, the government has diverted all its attention to combat infectious disease.

People with other health problems are left out, making their lives impossible. Nevertheless, some regions have allowed emergency dental services to continue. Despite that, most patients are not seeking these services due to lack of knowledge or ignorance. But seeking dental services is worthwhile regardless of the times we are in. Let’s take a look at how to go about a dental emergency;

The Procedure

After realizing that you have teeth sensitivity or pain, it is impossible to remain calm. Toothaches are usually painful robbing you your peace of mind. But dentists can have your problem fixed. Note that these dentists are observing COVID-19 rules to protect the patients and themselves, of course. So, in case of any problem make a call to your nearby emergency dental services clinic. If you do not have the contacts, Google will have you covered.  A customer support staff will suggest to you what you need to do. They will help you book an appointment immediately given that emergencies can’t wait.

However, in case your dental problem is not severe, then it can wait for some time. In such a scenario, the support staff can suggest some first aid ideas to calm the situation before you get to meet the dentist.


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