Exceptional Teeth Replacement Services in Tarzana, CA

Everyone puts a lot of effort into maintaining oral hygiene and taking care of their natural teeth. Nevertheless, millions of Americans lose their teeth each year. A missing tooth can have a tremendous impact on your self-esteem, appearance, and emotional health.  Fortunately, teeth replacement can help to restore the normal function and appearance of your teeth. At Around the Corner Dental Health Spa, Kaveh Kanani, DDS offers teeth treatment and replacement options to everyone with missing teeth. Nobody should have to hide their smile because of missing teeth, and the longer you stay without treatment, the more chance you have to develop additional dental issues. For Tarzana missing teeth replacement, call or schedule an appointment online today.

What Is The Cause Of Missing Teeth?

The major causes of missing teeth are periodontal disease and tooth decay. Untreated gum disease loosens your gums and can go on to erode your jawbone. This results in your tooth becoming loose and falling out. If tooth decay is not promptly treated, the tooth may break off, fall out, or die.  Another cause that could result in a missing tooth is knocking out a tooth in an injury. Also, some individuals are born missing one or more adult teeth.

Can Chipped Or Broken Teeth Result In Missing Teeth?

Chipped and broken teeth can be caused by chewing hard foods, suffering from an injury, or putting hard objects in your mouth. Teeth also often crack or break if you have a large filling. Misaligned teeth and grinding your teeth while sleeping also increases your risk of chipping or breaking a tooth.

Regardless of the cause of your tooth damage, chipped or broken teeth weaken and leave an opening in the enamel, which lets bacteria into your tooth root. All these issues can eventually result in losing your tooth.

What Are The Various Teeth Replacement Options?

If you get an injury that removes your tooth, you should preserve the tooth by attempting to put it back into the socket gently. You can also preserve it by putting it in a cup of saliva or milk but not water. Then contact Around the Corner Dental Health Spa for an emergency dental appointment. Dr. Kanani will provide you with immediate treatment to successfully implant your tooth.

The other alternative for your missing teeth is using dental implants to support your denture, crown, or bridge.  The process of replacing your tooth will depend on how long the tooth has been missing. If your tooth has been missing for a long time, the gum ridge collapses, and the jawbone atrophies. As a result, you may not have sufficient bone for the tooth implant. Dr. Kanani utilizes an innovative technique to bypass the painful, expensive, extensive old process that needs a long recovery. He uses bone grafting and expansion to restore bone height and thickness in one session.  Bone expansion and grafting is a less invasive option that causes less pain, trauma, and quicker healing. The cost is also reduced by about half that of a block graft procedure.

In conclusion, dental implants are designed to be permanent and natural that you might forget any or all of your teeth are artificial. If you have a missing tooth in and around Tarzana, CA, call or schedule an appointment online with Around the Corner Dental Health Spa today.

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