Why people undergo piercing process and bare pain?

Each person would have different kind of pain tolerance and most of them would not expose it, but when it comes to piercing each person would experience different kind of pain. By hearing piercing many people can think what does it mean? And how it is used by the people? Piercing is common thing done mostly by teenagers, women and men in sort to reach certain fashion. Moreover piercing became trend change among people, thus piercing is nothing but push the needle through the parts of body in order to remove small piece of tissue from the body. This piercing process is mainly done to wear insertion jewelry many can think in spite of wearing jewelry is it good to under piercing process? Or is it safe for health? Or what if it is infected? And how to tell if your piercing is infected or not infected? To all such doubts the answer would be simple it is not that all human body has same body conditions. Based on the body conditions the effects would be varied.

Factors cause bleeding and infection during piercing process:


Each of them get differ with their body and some would have small blood veins in their body, some would have large number of capillaries of blood veins in body. How blood veins get differ with each person likewise when piercing is done the pain and its effects also get differ. Here are some of common factors of piercing effect and reasons for bleeding while piercing process are listed below.

  • People with small blood veins undergo piercing process then there would be little spot of blood and body tries to match with the piercing by stopping blood veins on certain spots. Thus people would feel less pain during the process and while healing.
  • When more than one piercing is done on same spot for example on ears if the person has large number of blood veins there are chances for bleeding in the specific spots. Since there are more blood veins it may take few days, few weeks or longer period of about a month to heal.
  • Moreover while having piercing process people would be in state of high pressure this would make the process even worse. When people do piercing when they are in high pressure the blood veins would active and blood rushes to the spot where piercing is done.
  • This would cause bleeding in spot and make whole area red or get swelled or there are also chances for it to get infected. Thus it is more important to be in relaxing state while having piercing process.
  • While having piercing when people lie down the blood flow would be maximum that may cause more bleeding during piercing
  • Based on the location of piercing also decides bleeding level when you try to have piercing near to heart or below there would be more bleeding and take more time to heal. If the spot is above to heart there would be less bleeding and get healed soon.

Thus all the above factors are main reasons for occurrence of bleeding during piercing process. This would help for people who search for how to tell if your piercing is infected or not? Based on this people can find effects of piercing.

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