Five Reasons To Stay Active

There is no end to the information available about how to exercise. Instructions and tutorials for runners, walkers, joggers, weight lifters and every other form of exercise are easy to find online – whether you want to or not. The following guidelines are not about ‘what’ to do, but rather ‘why’ to do it. Have a look and see if you could benefit.

Helps You Stay Fit

Of course, staying – or getting – fit is the number one reason to stay active. Not necessarily a big regime, but just keep physically busy. Do things that can stretch your muscles and strengthen your heart, like carrying your groceries up a flight of stairs instead of taking the elevator, or parking a bit further out and walking to the store or your place of business. Do a bit of yard work instead of paying to have it done for you. Go for an early stroll around the block or the park.

Helps Fight Depression

Depression is multi-faceted and for some people facing life with this illness, it can require medication and therapy to cope. Many people find that some mild exercise can raise endorphin levels as well as serotonin and increase a feeling of well being that can help a bit with bouts of depression. Jack J Wu, MD is a good source of information on depression, as well.

Keeps Your Mind Sharp

Physical activity can help blood pump through the brain and keep brain function at its peak. As blood is pushed through, the entire brain receives an increase of oxygen. This can aid in concentration and recall throughout the day, and make mental tasks a bit easier to handle.

Keeps You Involved

Being physically active puts you in better form for being involved with friends, co-workers, family or even dating. You can feel more able to take part in a full life of swimming, hiking, biking, a neighborhood baseball game and other social activities if you are used to staying on the move.

Stay Younger Longer

People who maintain a more active life-style are less likely to suffer from muscle strain, fatigue or stress to the joints in their old age than those who spend a good deal of time in sedentary situations. As mentioned above, it can help keep the mind sharp and may give people the motivation to keep on going.

As Isaac Newton said, “A body in motion stays in motion.” This is especially true of human beings. Staying active can help prevent premature aging, keep you more fit and help improve attitude. Now that you know the ‘whys’ – what are you waiting for?

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