Wonderful Foaming Honey Foot Bath at Home

I guess you can tell me long after your busy day how tired your feet and legs get. When is the last chance you have to treat yourself at the spa to a day? Even if you’ve had the opportunity, you can’t afford the $100 price of an easy, soothing, and soak-up foot too often.

Isn’t that a nice sound? Soak a refreshing foot in a pool. And I put this simple recipe together so that you can soak up the relaxing soak with products that you actually already have at home and whip up right away.

Phase 1. *** Step 1. Make at home this amazing foaming honey foot bath.

Here’s what you need: 1 tablespoon Honey 1 tablespoon Liquid Soap (I used dish soap) 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract 2 teaspoons Sweet Almond Oil The only items that were hard to find was almond oil, but my wife and I found it at the drugstore chain at the corner of our lane. Only glance at the cosmetic / beauty lane.

In a pan, mix all these items and ready them for your foot bath. Note: If you want to make this stuff in a large quantity to save for later, you can bump up all the ingredients to something like this: 1⁄2 cup Honey 1⁄2 cup Liquid Soap (I used dish soap) 1 cup Vanilla Extract 1 cup Sweet Almond Oil Now you can put this in a jar and save some money for the next time.

Move 2, Phase 2. You can get a modern, space-age, foot bath for about $20 these days. They pledge to do all kinds of things, such as noise, vibrations, and water. I haven’t done one on my own, but it’s probably not a bad idea for $20.

Yet my wife didn’t need one because she had me as a mentor to provide her with all the scrubbing and massaging.

No! Wait! Hon, I don’t recall that you’ve ever offered me a foot bath?

There’s something going to work here around the house that can submerge your feet just above the ankle. We ended up with a reusable roasting pan made of aluminum.

Sure, it’s been brand new and there’s no beef roasted!

Move 3, Phase 3. Place in your foot bath Bring in your foot bath your combined Phase 1 concoction and place it with warm water.

Please be careful about the temperature of the water. Do this by measuring the water temperature with your hands three times when it’s over. And if you do this for a friend, make sure that you recognize the temperature of their palate.

I’m reading here from practice. I was a bit lazy and didn’t judge the water’s hotness. Even though my mother was a fighter, she always wanted to go along. I may tell that I kept it too warm from her grimace and refusing to sink more than a toe into the cold.

Stage four. Soak for 10 minutes. We soaked her feet for 10 minutes until I had the water temperature right. During this soak, there are all kinds of good things going on now.

Clearly, the soap removes from your feet all kinds of impurities. I can’t even explain the honey’s doing so many things. Here’s a short list: 1) obviously, honey produces a powerful antibacterial agent, hydrogen peroxide. So there’s going to be a bit more cleaning of your feet.

2) There are antioxidants in the milk. Health News is constantly gaining more antioxidants around us. So if I don’t get any biologist on us, I’ll just confirm that getting more antioxidants on our skin and our diet is really great!

3) Honey is a great humectant, as well. All that means is that it makes a great humidifier.

* ** Only knowing about the footbath, you can begin your spa at home. So take this evening for 15 minutes and pamper yourself. These feet will feel soft, particularly in a comfortable pair of flip flops.

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