What You Need to Know About Moles

A mole is a growth on the skin that usually assumes black or brown color. They generally appear anywhere on the surface of the skin. They may occur alone or in groups. Moles mostly appear during childhood, and it is believed that it is normal to have about forty moles before adulthood. The moles change gradually; hence, become more raised, thus changing their color. Hair may also grow on the moles. Some of them may disappear slowly as time goes by, while others do not. For more information on moles, visit Fort Worth moles to get more information.

What Causes Moles

They usually occur when the skin cells grow in clusters or groups instead of being spread all over the skin. The enclosures commonly referred to as melanocytes, form a pigment that gives the skin its natural color. The moles tend to change to black color when exposed to the sunlight or as years go by.

Different Types of Moles

There are two types of moles. These are the congenital nevi moles which are moles that appear during birth and the dysplastic nevi mole. This type is larger than the average, and they assume irregular shapes. They also show slightly uneven colors where they have a dark brown center. They also tend to become a growth and require a closer checkup to do an evaluation to prevent skin cancer.

When is the perfect time to see a doctor for moles?

It would help if you visited a doctor immediately when you see the following signs and symptoms:

1) Some moles start looking different from the others that are surrounding them.

2) If a person is over 30 years and still has moles in their skin.

3) Constant bleeding in the areas surrounded by the moles is also another primary symptom.

4) The moles have started itching or hurting.

5) The moles have started having a scaly and rough texture.

These are the signs that an individual should look to know the perfect time to visit the doctor. The symptoms are often associated with cancer, so one must ensure that they see a doctor.

How are moles treated?

Moles commonly are not treated, but there are ways of getting rid of them. They include:

Mole Removal

Surgical procedures are performed to remove the mole as it may cause cancer and they only take a short time to be removed. Also, if they irritate the skin, especially when a person is shaving. Book an appointment for mole removal to prevent cases of cancer.

Cosmetic Care

Makeup helps in concealing or instead hiding the mole. Some usually pluck the hair that grows from the mole. Whenever it feels irritated, visit a doctor or keep the mole surface clean.


Moles should be taken seriously as they cause cancer. Ensure that you visit the doctor when experiencing irritation or itching on the skin.

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