New Look For Highlighting Female Achievement

Around every corner of the world, International Women Day is celebrated to commemorate the achievement of women. This day does not seem like anything special, but in fact, it is special as it shows the importance of justice and gender equality.

The first IWD took place in 1911 and shows the struggle and sacrifices to fight against women’s inequality and oppression. This day is also celebrated throughout the world for the following reasons:

Ø  To commemorate women’s achievements.

Ø  To educate about women’s rights.

Ø  To promote gender equality and fight against gender inequality.

Ø  To help charities that focus on females.

 Protecting your eyes protect your life:

If you are an office worker or a student spending an extended period in front of a screen, it can be very harmful to your eyes. It can lead to dry eyes and strained eyes. If you are suffering from any of these, you should visit a doctor and have your eyes checked.

Digital Eye Syndrome is a growing problem that threatens our health. This threat can easily be minimized by reducing our onscreen time and avoiding short, high-energy waves.

International Women’s Day is a very special occasion that is celebrated throughout the world. Knowing the importance of the day, SmartBuy Glasses has brought a massive sale for you. They offer an 8% discount site-wide and 30% off the exclusive SmartBuy collection for women’s glasses.

They have a wide selection of glasses of more than 500 pairs of glasses that come in different shapes and colors. The material used in the glasses is excellent, and the frames are stylish and eye-catching. The frame’s price is 270 SEK and free 1.5 prescription lenses.

By shopping at SmartBuy Glasses, you can help eliminate child deaths that were otherwise preventable through its collaboration with World Vision. They support Mother and Child health programs in Zambia, so the world can be made a better place to live.

To help you in choosing some of the best glasses, we have put together a list of glasses for you to choose from and can buy from Vision direct this IWD.

  • Gucci GG0516S

These are one of the most trending glasses of this year and are quite popular among fashion enthusiasts. These glasses perfectly compliment people with oval faces and have a sleek design.

They are made of acetate and have Gray frames and silver flash lenses. They have Gucci’s double G logo on both sides of the frame that makes it look more luxurious.

  1. SmartBuy Collection Chant

One of the most versatile and sleek designs are these transparent frames. Not only do they go well with every type of face it is als trending in 2021.

By knowing that a portion of SmartBuy Glasses sales goes to helping people, you should get these awesome designed glasses. The price of these glasses is only 270SEK.

  1.    Arise Collective Patras C4

Aviators are a really great choice for sunglasses that suits any and all face types. These sunglasses have a metallic frame, and these chic pilot sunglasses come with purple lenses.

These lenses not only look good but also protect you from U.V rays. Purple is also the color that symbolizes IWD. SmartBuy Glasses also gives a 2-year warranty. 

This article should help you in getting excellent eyewear. You can shop for more than 80,000 pairs of eyewear and over 180 designers branded eyewear.  You can be sure to get the best possible price for your glasses.

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