How to take care of your nails?

The simplest nail art can not reveal its full potential on poorly maintained nails. It is often forgotten, but nails in good condition are the best supports for well-made decorations. Whether it is a simple varnish or more complex achievements, it is essential to have nails pampered. The latter are the first to be attacked by the daily routine: repeated shocks, aggressive products, temperatures going from one extreme to another … nothing is spared them.

However, here are few tips, a little motivation, and some habits to take care of your nails. So how do you strengthen, whiten, moisturize? Here is a list of tips that will sublimate your claws.

Start by washing them regularly

The gesture seems innocuous, but it is the first guarantee of the health of your nails. It is safe to say that the nails are in permanent contact with all kinds of particles, bacteria and other dirt. During a day, it is important to clean them as often as possible.

Warning: this does not mean that you must wash your hands every time they touch something! If it is accepted that it is necessary to wash one’s hands before each meal, it is also imperative to focus on the nails. Their cleaning is done in the morning and evening, using soap, a suitable brush and hot water. They will then be gently dried using a natural fiber towel.

Adopt a balanced diet

Your eating habits have a direct impact on the condition of your nails. These will reflect deficiencies by displaying a yellowed color, split surfaces, dead skin, black spots, or a pale reflection. These small disadvantages can easily be adjusted by food supplements, or by adapting a suitable feeding mode.

As your drinking habits improve, you will see noticeable changes in the condition of your nails. Also remember that it is important to drink enough water!

Protect them from aggression

Aggressive products are primarily responsible for the degradation of your nails. Limiting or eliminating contact with harmful products is a prerequisite for their maintenance. Thus, the adoption of gloves for household chores is strongly advised. Since cleaning products contain corrosive agents, they can quickly weaken your nails or even damage them.

Some products specially designed for nails are also to be used with care. This is particularly the case of solvents. It is recommended to choose vials without acetones, less aggressive for the constitution of the nails when you want to remove your nail polish. Whether or not this liquid is free of acetone, it is advisable to wash the nails immediately after use. This action will not only preserve the nails and cuticles, but also privilege their hydration.

The exfoliation and scrub stage

It is a habit that is often kept for a treatment institute, while it is quite possible to practice from the comfort of his home. The exfoliation and / or exfoliation of the feet and hands contribute to the good condition of the nails . This is to deal with small skins that surround the claws, to get rid of those who died. The operation is also useful to clear the edges of the nail so that they are not taken by assault by too invasive skin.

Left abandoned, they can quickly detach and spoil the aesthetics of the fingers. After a scrub, these lightweight envelopes are softened to be more easily treated, and will not pose resistance when there is a need to repel them. The scrub of the feet and hands does not require a specific product, and can be perfectly done with a classic body scrub.

Use proper care productsApart from exfoliants and scrubs, nails also need nourishing care products . Once the dead skin is removed, it is easier for moisturizers to penetrate the surface. Gels, balms and other creams are particularly effective in restoring flexibility to the nails.

The best alternatives, however, are the natural oils that offer more marked effects. Among them, sweet almond and argan oils are the best known. The castor and jojoba essences are also to be considered for their nourishing virtues. Pure coconut oil, finally, moisturizes deeply, and effectively strengthens the structure of the nail.


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