What is the Alopecia Areata Condition?

Alopecia areata is a condition that causes your hair to fall out. This condition is sometimes unnoticeable. Lost hair can depreciate your self-esteem and self-confidence. There are a variety of reasons that can lead to alopecia. It is advisable to seek medical attention after noticing some abnormal behaviors with your hair. For treatment or the hair restoration program, visit alopecia consultation & medical management in Lakewood Ranch. Below are the causes of alopecia areata.

The main causes of alopecia disorder

Many causes bring hair loss. These causes include:

  •       Depression and stress. You may suffer hair loss because of stress or depression. Scratching your head very hard and more frequent loosens your hair follicles. Hair with weak roots comes out easily when scratched or pulled out.
  •       Illness. There are some illnesses like cancer that promote hair loss. Due to frequent chemotherapy treatment, the radioactive rays destroy your hair follicle. After a few weeks or months, you may suffer hair loss.
  •       Gene’s heredity. This is the most common form of hair loss most people suffer from. According to research, people suffering hair loss due to family issues cannot be treated. Moreover, even after having a hair transplant, the hair will fall out after some time.
  •       Nutritional deficiency. Hair naturally grows due to the presence of dead cells in your body. There are foods responsible for generating dead cells to keep your hair growing. Lack of vitamin A, C, D, and E lead to hair loss. Insufficient zinc in your body may also lead to hair loss.
  •       Hormonal change. Hormonal change is mostly found in women. Childbirth, menopause, thyroid problems, and pregnancy change how your hormones work, leading to hair loss.
  •       Hair treatment products. There are many products that damage your hair follicle. Hair with damaged follicles runs off the head easily when you comb or wash.

It is essential to seek treatment or medication assistance when you notice hair loss. Below are treatment strategies associated with alopecia disorder.

Ways your doctor can treat alopecia

Alopecia condition that is not a family trait that can be treated. However, other treatment methods can be used to slow down your hair loss in the future. Treatment methods include:

  1.     Topical medication. Your doctor may give you some medication to rub on your affected area to promote hair growth. Medicine like minoxidil is applied on the beard and eyebrows, anthralin irritates the affected area to regrow your hair and others.
  2.     Oral treatment. Medicines like cortisone are used to treat hair loss. However, due to their side effects, you can choose another alternative. You can also try methotrexate and cyclosporine. They block hair loss, stimulate hormones, and are used for a short time because of their side effects.

Alopecia or alopecia areata is a condition that causes your hair to fall out in small patches. This condition can be treated in various ways. It is critical to consult your doctor after noticing hair loss. Honest Hair Restoration is the best health care center for treating and managing alopecia.

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