Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Laser hair removal is an excellent procedure to help you get rid of your unwanted hair. While the treatment is popular, many people still doubt its safety and are weary of the side effects associated with the procedure. 

At Montclair Rejuvenation Center, you can receive a laser hair removal treatment under the guidance of a trusted doctor.

There are many discussions about laser hair removal and whether or not it is safe. The side effects of this process are minor and extremely rare. Moreover, this process is generally safe if you get consultations from an appropriate specialist before you make your decision. 

There are a few side effects that occur due to the usage of lasers that use high heat. This can cause side effects as follows:

  • Irritation and Redness

Hair removal by laser usually causes slight irritation and discomfort. In addition to this, you may also suffer from swelling and redness in the affected area. However, these problems are minor, and it is possible that you won’t suffer from any of these effects at all.

To avoid this side effect, your dermatologist will use a topical anesthetic that will help avoid any pain. This irritation usually disappears within a few hours if you use ice packs on the treated area. However, if the irritation still increases, contact your doctor immediately.

  • Change in Skin Tone

After the treatment is over, you might see a difference in your skin tone. Your skin can either get a shade lighter or darker depending on your skin tone. These spots are light and eventually fade away within a few days and are nothing to worry about.

  • Slight Swelling

You can also experience swelling in your skin due to the use of lasers and anesthetic product applications. Using home remedies like ice packs can solve this problem, and in some cases, the swelling disappears on its own.

Severe Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal

Severe side effects of this treatment are infrequent. Your risk of side effects increases if you use at-home laser kits, especially when you do not read the instructions correctly.

Potential Severe Side Effects:

  • Reverse Effect of the Treatment – You see excessive hair growth in the area of the treatment
  • Change in the Overall Texture of your Skin – Your risk for this increases if you have been tanned recently.
  • You are More Likely to Get Scared – Your skin gets extremely sensitive, and you get scarring easily.
  • Blisters and Skin Crusting – If you are exposed to the sun after getting your treatment done, you may get skin blisters and develop skin crusting.

Even though the side effects are rare, you should consider discussing them with your doctor to be completely aware of them.

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