What Didn’t You Know About Pain Treatment?

You can agree that pain is the last thing you want to experience, physically or emotionally. It’s unfortunate, though, that it has to occur at some point in life; we are humans, remember? Despite the type or extent of pain, the first thing we think about when in pain is how to stop the feeling.

Pain management focuses on relieving the pain through various techniques, including minimally invasive surgery in Ionia, depending on the cause of your pain. If you are suffering from any pain, consider reaching out to Advanced Pain Solutions for help.

What Are the Different Forms of Pain?

Pain occurs due to different causes, including health conditions and injuries. It can be acute, occurring for a short period, or chronic, that occurs for a long time.

Some of the most common chronic conditions include:

Back Pain

The chances are you will experience back pain at some point in life. Back pain affects a large percentage of individuals worldwide, including children. Usually, the back acts as a support system for your body, hence prone to pain.

The back also undergoes degenerative changes, which contribute to back pain. Back pain also occurs due to the following conditions:

  •         Spinal stenosis
  •         Herniated discs
  •         Degenerative disc disease
  •         Facet joint arthritis
  •         Sprains and strains

Joint Pain

Your body joints are also likely to suffer pain due to the repetitive movements they make. The joints commonly affected include the knees, ankles, and hips.

The following causes joint pain:

  •         Fractures
  •         Sprains and strains
  •         Dislocation
  •         Rheumatoid arthritis
  •         Osteoarthritis
  •         Overuse injuries
  •         Tendonitis

Cervical Pain

Cervical pain, also known as neck pain, is common in adults. The neck consists of small vertebrae that enhance head movement.  However, as you get older, the vertebrae become weak due to wear and tear.

You may also develop neck pain from the following conditions:

  •         Bone spurs
  •         Herniated discs
  •         Pinched nerves
  •         Facet joint arthropathy

Cancer pain and migraines are also major concerns among many adults.

Advanced Pain Solutions provides pain relief and management through various treatment methods.

What Are the Pain Treatments Available?

Ketamine Infusion

It involves receiving your pain medication through intravenous administration. Ketamine infusion is common during surgery. The treatment provides fast results, including pain relief compared to other treatments.

The treatment works by modifying biochemical pathways in the brain. It blocks the receptors for transmitting pain signals, relieving pain.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Advanced Pain Solutions also use minimally invasive surgery to relieve pain. Usually, your provider will first apply all the conservative treatments before going forward with surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery is recommendable to patients experiencing extreme pain and not responding to other treatments. The team at Advanced Pain Solutions performs different techniques to manage and cure your pain depending on the cause.

Minimally invasive surgery provides you with many health benefits, such as quick recovery, less scarring, improved results, compared to traditional surgery.

Contact a Pain Management Specialist Today

Pain is easily misdiagnosed, hence the need to have an expert look into your pain condition. Advanced Pain Solutions offers the best pain management care to allow you to live your best life. Contact their offices to book your first appointment.

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