CBD Cream & Arthritis: Can it Help Soothe Your Pain?

There’s a reason that plant-based products are taking over the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries: they’re made from pure extracts that preserve a plant’s essential healing properties.

With growing evidence to support the potential dangers of prescription drugs, more and more people are going down the natural path and including CBD, or cannabidiol-derived products in their medicine cabinet. CBD is one of the more than 20 types of compounds called cannabinoids, and its extract is known for its many uses, ranging from anxiety relief to soothing chronic pain in arthritis sufferers.

Before trying it for yourself, here’s what you need to know about the link between CBD and joint pain.

Understanding arthritis

Arthritis affects about 54 million adults, and it isn’t one disease only. The term is used to define more than a hundred types of joint diseases that will primarily cause inflammation, stiffness, redness, and swelling, resulting in debilitating pain in some cases.

Usually, doctors will prescribe NSAIDs, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, to treat and soothe the painful symptoms of this condition, and patients may even self-medicate, which is never a good idea. NSAIDs are effective in reducing pain and inflammation with correct and prescribed use, hence its popularity. However, too much of anything can be bad. The overuse and exceeded dosages of these drugs may cause mild to severe side effects, such as heartburn, ulcers, and severe allergic reactions.

The role of CBD in pain treatment

We all have a whole system inside our bodies — the endocannabinoid system — which is named after marijuana. Yes, really. It’s an essential system that naturally produces cannabinoids inside of us, hence the prefix “endo,” meaning “internal.” It consists of endocannabinoids, nervous system receptors they can connect with, and enzymes to help break them down.

According to a 2018 PubMed Central resource, our endocannabinoid system is responsible for a range of factors, all of which contribute to homeostasis. Homeostasis is our body’s inner balance that may be thrown off by an illness or pain, for instance. Whenever this balance is threatened, the system works hard to recover it and bring your body back to its normal functions..

CBD can be used topically, orally, and it can even be inhaled or injected. For arthritis patients, however, a topical cream such as the ones available at Pure for Life are the best and most natural alternative. When applied directly to the skin, the concentrated oil infusion acts directly on the sore spots so the ECS can work to relieve pain in the areas that hurt most.

What about topical NSAIDs?

Several topical NSAIDs are widely prescribed, generally safe, and have proven effectiveness in treating painful conditions such as osteoarthritis. However, topical medications aren’t free from side effects, and anti-inflammatories could cause several reactions from person to person. Ranging from rashes and numbness to unusual bleeding, some symptoms may require immediate medical attention. Cannabinoids can also interact with certain medications, including benzodiazepines and medicines that are processed by the liver, such as clozapine.


CBD topical creams and oils are great options for those who rely on natural medicine and organic solutions to take care of their health. For best results, make sure the products you’re buying are made from 100 percent natural and high quality oil, and are free from artificial additives. Take your time in your research: check for an FDA approval stamp on the product’s bottle or website, and get to know the whole extraction process to ensure maximum safety for yourself and family. Yes, your whole family can benefit from CBD creams, tinctures, or softgels, and they’re safe for kids and pets alike.

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