How Geriatric Care Can Help You Age Gracefully

Caring for an individual with senior health concerns can be exhausting and stressful. An older adult needs help to perform some of the daily activities, including dressing. Besides the frailty, the elderly have specific medical needs requiring the expertise of a geriatrician. The medical professional may help you address the aging process and assist you in managing the multiple medical issues you are likely to have. Additionally, your healthcare provider understands how age-related complications are likely to affect your ability to function and how to manage them. Are you looking for specialists in geriatric care to help you age comfortably? If so, Lenox Medical Clinic is the place to visit.

How can you benefit from geriatric care?

A geriatrician knows the difference between an older person’s and a younger person’s illnesses. Your doctor knows the importance of maintaining an independent lifestyle and social support to enhance healthy aging. The benefits you are likely to get from geriatric care include:

  • An extensive approach to your health 

Unlike healthcare providers who treat a single health concern, a geriatrician focuses on making connections to understand your health condition. The link helps your doctor prevent complications beforehand or respond to the health concern when it is not too late.

  • Less invasive treatments

Unlike younger patients, seniors respond poorly to aggressive treatments. As a result, your geriatrician might opt to decrease your dosage and recommend alternatives to invasive treatments. Additionally, some medications’ side effects might outweigh the drugs’ benefits if you are elderly.

  • Enhances your life quality

During your appointment, the healthcare provider may take time to assess your health challenges and inquire about your living situation. After the evaluation, the medical professional might recommend an in-home care provider to offer personal care, thus minimizing stress, tension and improving nutrition. An in-home caregiver may also help you avoid dangerous medication dosage and combinations that might result in drug reactions or fatalities.

A geriatrician not only looks at the medical conditions affecting you. The medical expert takes a holistic approach to evaluate your medical history before designing a health plan likely to work for you.  

What are the health issues you are likely to experience as a senior?

  • Mental decline

A decline in cognitive ability is an inevitable thing with aging. You are likely to start showing symptoms of conditions like depression and Alzheimer’s disease. The good news is that your healthcare provider knows the difference between typical aging signs and when an underlying health concern is responsible for your symptoms.  

  • Frailty

Frailty can be mild or severe depending on your chronological age and the presence of multiple illnesses and disabilities. Significant frailty is likely to affect your ability to perform some of your daily activities, including bathing, eating, and dressing. Additionally, you might find it challenging to deal with age-related ailments and complications.       

  • Medical problems

Senior people battle various health conditions like diabetes, arthritis, neurological issues, and heart problems. Additionally, the ailments will require you to take prescription medications to ease your symptoms.  As a result, you should have a medical expert who understands how the conditions react with you and how differently your body breaks down the medications.

Seniors respond differently to treatments and medications than younger individuals. Contact your doctor when you think you need geriatric care to know how you can benefit from the services. 

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