Fairy tale of Plastic Surgery: the emergence of Cosmetic surgery in Tunisia

Gone are those days when corrective surgery was considered a miracle: nowadays cosmetic plastic surgery has become a viable solution for major rectification of physical anomaly and unsightly body contour. Besides first world countries, developing country like Tunisia is also experiencing the emergence of advanced Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. Adhering to the world-class standard of plastic surgery abroad like UK, USA, […]

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Uses, Side Effects, Dosage… Know all about Asthalin Inhalers Here!

Asthma is a respiratory or breathing problem that has become a common health condition worldwide. There are millions of people suffering from this condition. Usually, we tend to ignore a respiratory problem in initial phase but it can be dangerous to the airways in the end. Many experts recommend Asthalin HFA Inhaler to ease this condition or improve breathing. The […]

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How to choose a proficient doctor online?

Gone are the days where going to the doctor’s can be likened to stepping into the great unknown, where all you may know may only be his name and credentials, on the wall. In this day and age, as tele-consultation becomes increasingly more common, as well as with the advent of online rating websites such as Yelp, as well as […]

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