Tips For A Healthier Life

Everyone wants to live a healthy and stress-free life. However, it may not always be as simple as eating better and drinking more water. For some, more drastic steps need to be taken first. Sometimes, we need simple reminders about what is more important in life for ourselves, our family and our health. Below are a few of the top […]

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The Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation

Do you have any idea what your cell phone may be doing to your health? Have you ever stopped to think if your cell phone could be causing you cancer or possible other irreversible damages? Scientist know that our cell phones emit radio waves in the form of non-ionizing radiation. These radio waves are absorbed by our tissue. Is this […]

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Adderall is a very addictive prescription stimulant that is one of the most regularly mistreated medicines readily available by prescription. Adderall has various medicinal purposes such as dealing with hyper activity disorders such as ADHD and ADD along with narcolepsy. The brand name “Adderall” is a mix of amphetamine as well as dextroamphetamine witch function as an upper on the […]

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6 Summer Health and Safety Tips for the Elderly


The hot weather can be miserable for anyone, young and old. But in the case of the latter, elevated heat temperatures are particularly dangerous. Senior citizens’ bodies can’t adjust to drastic shifts in temperature as efficiently as they once did and that makes it even more important to monitor their condition when the thermometer rises. Seniors are far more susceptible […]

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