The true cost of dentures

When a patient loses his or her teeth due to neglect or trauma, there is one solution that can restore the mouth. This solution is known as dentures. Dentures are used when a patient’s natural teeth are no longer present or healthy enough to support day-to-day activities. An experienced dentist will carefully evaluate the condition of the existing teeth, then […]

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How to Select a Dentist You Can Trust in Oakville

Choosing a dentist you can trust is very important. While there are many dental practitioners out there, not all are trustworthy. Some have not attained the required amount of training in this field while others are not keen to provide their patients with quality dental services. Fortunately, with some research and knowing the correct questions to ask, you are sure […]

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Facts You Should Know Before Getting Invisalign Treatment in Mississauga

Recently, Invisalign in Mississauga is being marketed heavily to patients looking for orthodontic treatment, and in all honesty, the treatment is pretty effective. But even then, it has its fair share of cons. It is wise that you know what you are getting into before you dive in head first – information is power. All Invisalign Providers are not Equal […]

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