Is Celery Juice Really Healthy?

Celery has many health benefits. This vegetable contains vitamins C, K, potassium, and folate. Celery has been shown to help fight back against cancer, help a person that is suffering from liver disease, and reduce inflammation. Celery has also been shown to help the cardiovascular system. Celery is very good for the body. It only has 7 calories and less […]

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Key Aspects of Healthy Living

If you’re looking to become a more energetic, youthful-looking, and all-around dynamic individual, the first step towards achieving these goals is improving your health. Taking good care of yourself is essential for obtaining better focus, drive, and resilience. It’s also vital for enjoying a suitably high life quality. With the right lifestyle changes and general life habits, you’ll enjoy better […]

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Why Are Family Physicians Seeing Fewer Children?

A fascinating study recently published in the Annals of Family Medicine revealed that America’s family physicians aren’t seeing as many children as they used to. The downward trend appears to be consistent among private practice owners, group practice employees, and locum tenens clinicians. So what is causing the decline? The American Academy of Family Physicians offered three possible explanations in […]

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