Which States in India Accept Rapid Antigen Test for Interstate Travellers

The second wave of coronavirus has shattered the core of many countries. But since now the cases are declining, the government has made some relaxation. Life is coming back to normal, schools restart opening, people are going back to offices and all. The thing which is rolling all over social media is people travelling to a hill station. But some states have made it mandatory for travellers to take the Rapid Antigen Test. Delhi, Ladakh, Mumbai, and many other states are asking travellers to take the Rapid Antigen Test.

Simply put, travellers had to take tests if they were travelling to certain states. One such state is Delhi, so if you are the one travelling to Delhi, then you need to take the Rapid Antigen Test in Delhi. There are health practitioners and staff who would do the Rapid Antigen Test in Delhi. To know more, you can simply visit the official site.

What is the Rapid Antigen Test?

Rapid antigen tests are extremely beneficial when determining whether patients are in a really advanced phase of the disease, especially if they are extremely contagious. The antigen test, as the name implies, shows antigens, which are proteins found on the surface of viruses that are removed via the nostrils in the same manner that PCR tests are. One of the most significant changes is the pace of the results, which are accessible in 15-20 minutes after the procedure is completed. Another significant distinction test is the antigen test’s sensitivity vs the PCR test; the antigen test has a lesser sensitivity and, as a result, worse accuracy.

Who Should Take Rapid Antigen Test?

Those who are symptoms of coronavirus or have been in touch with some who recently became positive are advised to take a test. Also, if you got a negative result in the Rapid Antigen Test in Delhi, it is advised to go for RT-PCR. If you are planning a trip or visiting any place, then it is advised to research some bit about the destination. It is better to postpone the trip if you are sick or someone in your family is sick to avoid any kind of discomfort. Further, if you are fit and fine, then you can surely travel. Before travelling, it’s vital to learn about the regulations in your location, as the municipal authorities, or the city may demand a PCR or antigen test. Verify with the flight and the target authorities at least one week ahead of time to see whether COVID-19 exams are required for your travel. Avoid taking children or the elderly on a trip, as they are more vulnerable to catching the virus.

Travelling Guideline – Rapid Antigen Test In Delhi

All visitors to Delhi will now be subjected to RATs (Rapid Antigen Tests) regarding providing a clean RT-PCR report, according to new developments. Passengers should not experience any difficulty because of the new standards. Travellers arriving in the capital by land or air should undergo quick antigen testing with a negative COVID-19 test report. However, one can skip all the processes if one has taken the test before arriving at the destination. Passengers can show negative test reports, but the report should be within 72 hours. Those who are found negative on a test can continue their trip, while if someone is positive, then they have to go for institutional quarantine. Other than this, all the passengers have to go through the thermal screening after arriving in the state.

That’s it! Here you got all the information about the Rapid Antigen Test for interstate travellers. The virus is not out of our life yet, so it is important we should follow all safety and preventive measures. It is important to wear a mask, sanitize, and maintain social distance in public. With all these safety measures and fast vaccination drive only we can eradicate this virus from our society.


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